Good Deeds; Tyler Perry

Title: Good Deeds

Writer: Tyler Perry

Director: Tyler Perry

Major Actors: Tyler Perry, Thandie Newton, Brian J. White, Rebecca Romijn, Jamie KEnnedy, Phylicia Rashad, and Gabrielle Union.

Release Date: February 24, 2012

This film is about a wealthy businessman who is soon to be getting married who falls into a new “project” that seems to turn his entire view on life around. Tyler Perry stars as Wesley Deeds in this film and his fiancée is Gabrielle Union (Natalie). He juggles the stress of his business, keeping his brother in order, trying to make a very large step in his career, and the new stress of the night janitor (Lindsey) who he starts off just helping but begins to fall for. As a very humble man, Wesley notices the struggle of a hardworking, single mother who holds one of the less significant roles in his business. Because of the social hierarchy that was given at Deeds Inc., Lindsey introduced Mr. Deeds to a new realm of real for which he never expected from anybody but he began to like it. As Lindsey, a very modest woman who’s definitely struggling with her young daughter, begins to realize that things are getting worse before they even have a chance of getting better, she began to open up to Wesley and realize that he is an actual kind, caring person that genuinely wants to help her. Throughout this, feelings are thrown around the normal routine that his fiancée is used to is suddenly switched up and the engaged decides that they might not be ready to get married. Following the advice that he received from Lindsey, he decides to move to Africa in hopes that Lindsey will come with him. The movie ends with Wesley and Lindsey kissing on a plane while Lindsey’s daughter, Ariel covering her eyes in a “kiddie,” “eww, cooties” manner.

The film is presented chronologically and the aesthetic choices that were made in this movie contributed to the general effect on the audience greatly. I believe the editing and the lighting help to develop the intensity of the movie throughout the entire film. When it comes to editing, the shift between the different stories and events happening is one that definitely creates a lot of tension between characters, especially all of the altercations between Lindsey and Mr. Deeds when she is unaware to exactly who Tyler Perry’s character really is and how important he is. Lighting in certain scenes such as the scene where Lindsey takes Mr. Deeds on a ride on a motorcycle and they go to a remote area and have a picnic and kiss accidently but romantic show the true feelings actually shared between them because everything is bright and beautiful and has a light tone. Whereas, in the scene where Wesley returns home late at night after visiting Lindsey’s house with his emotions flaring uncontrollably. This scene is dimly lit with Gabrielle Union sitting on the living room couch and asks him if he slept with her to which he re plies no and she believes him but they then decide that they love each other but are not yet ready to get married. Cinematography wasn’t very big in this movie considering it was more of a drama and love triangle type of thing. Foreshadowing was a definite “thumbs up” in this movie. As stated earlier, the earlier disputes between the Deeds’ brother and Lindsey were ones that definitely was sure to raise some eyebrows for the relationships between these characters later in the movie. I feel that if the film were to have a different presentation style the general effect on the audience would have been less impressive.

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