Mise en scène: Lighting

Non-Stop is movie that stars Liam Neeson (Bill Marks) as a federal air marshal who becomes trapped in a dangerous and murderous cat and mouse game with one of the passengers who choose to remain anonymous. Julianne Moore, who also stars in this movie as the passenger that sits by Neeson and shares many personal moments with him and sticks by him through the entire conflict whereas everyone else has turned suspicious towards him. The cat and mouse games involve a hijacker that texts Neeson’s phone threatening to kill a passenger every 20 minutes if they don’t receive the money that they want. It ends with Liam finding a bomb on the plane, stacking things against it towards the back of the plane, finding the hijackers, the co-pilot safely landing the plane, and all the passengers survive. The lighting used in this film is extremely broad. When looking at the cover of the movie, it covers three point, high key, and low key; all three different types of lighting methods used. The three point lighting brings out the character because Liam Neeson is emphasized while the background is blurred but lit well. When watching the movie, low key lighting is mostly used when the passengers are all sleep and the plane is flying at night and Neeson begins to quietly wander through the aisles trying to fathom if these threats are just a joke and where they are coming from. High key lighting is used when the hijackers are discovered and the plane is being monitored by air forces due to the fact that they believe the plane was being hijacked by their federal air marshal himself. During the fighting scenes low key lights were used once again but when the back of the plane exploded, high key lights were used to enhance the explosion and action. Finally upon getting off the plane, the scene was lit pretty well but still had the appearance of smog and smoke from the explosion which gave it a relieved but dreary feeling.

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