Mise en scène: actor types

The Best Man Holiday is a drama and comedy that can definitely be watched as a Christmastime film throughout the years. It is about a group of college friends who reunite after 15 years and they realize that old drama as well as old feeling can resurface. They are invited over for the holidays and old rivalries, secrets, feelings, love lives, and habits come are re-ignited on this vacation. They also find out that one of their friends is dying of cancer and the purpose of the vacation was to re-unite them for the first time in a while and possibly, the last time. The three actors that I decided to analyze were Morris Chestnut (Lance), Regina Hall (Candace), and Nia Long (Jordan). These characters are very unique to me and I felt they’d be the easiest to categorize. I feel that Morris Chestnut would be more of a character actor because he has played in a very wide array of movies, most of which he starred in, but because of his ability to adapt to what the script calls for. Regina Hall, I believe is a personality actress. This actress plays in mostly comedy movies and she exhibits a very goofy and funny personality on screen as well as off screen. She acts the same in most movies so therefore I feel that her personality is what makes her such a good actress. Nia Long I feel would be more of a star because of her personality as well but her persona on and off the screen is one that keeps her followers and other movie watchers very interested. She plays in many films and she has been seen in many different genres but she has a distinct personality that makes her a star. Singling out Regina Hall, I feel that she will always be placed in the same category because of her recurring experience in the comedy genre. I believe that this category is definitely hers and it is actually hard to adjust when she does play roles where her main goal isn’t comedy.

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